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View Hudson Web Workspace


Hudson Web Workspace

Hudson           Web Workspace

What is a Hudson           Web Workspace
          The Hudson web reservation system           is designed to be maintained with a standard web browser. While           any web browser will work to configure your Hudson web system,           setting up a Hudson Web Workspace will allow you to work with           greater efficiency, have access to a built-in HTML authoring tool           (used for making links) and more easily troubleshoot your system           should you encounter any issues.

The Hudson Web Workspace           uses the Mozilla browser, which is available as a free download,           and setting up a workspace using Mozilla will not effect the use           of your current default web.


Downloading & Installing Mozilla

  1. Print this page (so you have the             instructions)
  2. Go to:
  3. At the top right, select WINDOWS             ENGLISH from the green DOWNLOAD NOW box.
  4. When the FILE DOWNLOAD window             appears select RUN. If you get a security warning, again select             RUN.
  5. After the INSTALLER downloads             some files select RUN if offered.
  6. At the SETUP TYPE window, select             COMPLETE installation.
  7. QUICK LAUNCH may or may not be             selected when offered.
  8. When prompted to set Mozilla as             your default browser, select NO.

Configuring Your Hudson Web Workspace

  1. Open Mozilla
  2. Navigate to your Hudson web reservation             system welcome page (the page with the ONEWAY and ROUNDTRIP             buttons). Hint: If you have this page bookmarked as a FAVORITE             in IE you will note that all of your IE FAVORITES have been             imported into Mozilla and can be found in BOOKMARKS/IMPORTED             IE FAVORITES.
  3. Copy the URL to your Hudson welcome             page from the navigation address bar at the top of the browser.
  4. Hold down the CTRL key and press             the letter "T" at the same time (CTRL + T). Paste             the copied URL into the blank navigation address bar and then             press ENTER on your keyboard.
  5. When the page loads the end of             the URL will look like this: .../res
                Add the letters "util" so the end of the URL looks             like this: .../resutil , and then press ENTER on your keyboard.
  6. You now have two tabs. Copy the             complete address from the newest tab, press CTRL + T to create             a third tab. Paste the address from tab 2 into the navigation             address bar for tab three. Press ENTER on your keyboard.
  7. Press CTRL + T once more to create             a fourth tab. In the navigation address bar copy and paste this             address,             ,and press ENTER on your keyboard.
  8. Go to BOOKMARKS and select the             3rd option from the top BOOKMARK THIS GROUP OF TABS. When the             FILE BOOKMARK window appears enter HUDSON WEB WORKSPACE in the             NAME field and then click OK.

Using Your Hudson Web Workspace
          When you want to access your Hudson Web Workspace, open Mozilla,           go to BOOKMARKS and click HUDSON WEB WORKSPACE.

You should have four tabs. Tab 1           (far left) should be the retail view of your Hudson web system,           tabs 2 and 3 will be WEB UTILITY views, and tab 4 is a link to           Hudson Web Support.