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View I got an Error saying a Group Profile has expired.


I got an Error saying a Group Profile has expired…

We have a direct bill client "ACME CORP" and as we make reservations now it states that the
DB has expired. How do I fix that?

When group profiles are created you have the ability to set an expiration date.  This feature is used to give a group a special rate, or direct bill priveleges, but for a limited time (as for a group conference, etc.).  To see, set, or edit the expiration date,  open the HWebAgent, press SHIFT+F9,  type ACME, and set your search on NAME.  You will see on the first tab labeled "General" there is a field called expr. date.  Just uncheck the box (to remove an expiration) and press F4.  Now you should be able to use that profile.

If your goal is to impose and expiration date, then set the date as desired and place a check mark in the box to the left of the date field to turn on the expiratioin.
As of the date of this writing, the Expiration Date feature applies to Group Profiles only.