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View I want Hotel Phone Numbers to Display in HWeb Agent Reservation Screen

Category:HWeb Agent

I want Hotel Phone Numbers to Display in HWeb Agent Reservation Screen

In order to have hotel telephone numbers display in the HWeb Agent, on Trip sheets or in Driver pages, it is first necessary to have these phone numbers entered in the apporpriate section of your fare files.

Once this is completed, and the fares have been re-imported, proceed with the following configuration change:

  1. Select Tools - Configuration - Fare and Services - Directions Tab.
  2. Browse to the columns labled:  Update Telephone Location Types.
  3. Enter the Letter ’ H ‘** in this column for each row where you wish the Hotel phone number to be entered as the default Telephone number for each Direction (Arrivals, Departures, Hourly, etc.).

As a
suggestion, it is most common to have the Hotel phone number display as the
primary phone number when a trip originates at the hotel - as in a Departure,
Hourly or Point to Point trip.  It is not customary, but certainly permissible,
to put the hotel phone number in this field when picking up at the airport and
then delivering to the hotel.

next column, labled Update alt (alternate) Telephone location types, would allow
you to insert the Hotel phone number into the Alt Telephone Number field (on the
Reservation Details tab in HWeb Agent).

As a

the H in the column labled Update Telphone Location Types for the direction

the H in the column labled Update Alt Telephone Location Types for the
directions: Arrival, Hourly, Point to Point.

**Note- the letter H may be used to insert Hotel Phone
numbers. You may also use the following for other location types, if you have
used these to identify different types of locations in your fare
files and if you have entered telephone numbers for these locations in the fare files:

  • A to insert Airport phone numbers
  • C for Corporation phone number
  • P for Home or Office Phone numbers (places)
  • S for School Phone numbers