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View Installing the Web Reservation Bridge

Category:Alert Software System

Installing the Web Reservation Bridge

If you are running Hudson’s Web Reservation Manager and are capturing reservations from a Hudson web reservation system, you will need to install a copy of the HWeb Bridge in order to create the interface that will automatically download your web reservations into your ALERT system database.*

  1. Download and install Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver:
    1.  (~ 6.0 MB)
      1. You may not need this file. To check,  browse to your Windows / System32 folder and look for a file named: VFPODBC.dll   If the file already exists, then you do not need to do the above install
      2. If you DO need to install, click the  ENGLISH link near the top of the page.
    2. Download and install the  AlertBridge_189i.exe
      1. Double click the *.exe file to launch the install
        1. If necessary, change the directory and path to the ALERT database folder. By default this is usually set to C:\ALERT
      2. Click Install
      3. When finished, you will receive message:  ALERT -Bridge, Installation - Complete.
      4. This creates an initilization file (*.ini) file, and a res2.mdb, resfc.mdb, file in your ALERT directory named hweb.ini.