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Category:Web Reservation System

Introducing Web Reservations

About to Start Taking Web Reservations Are You?
Some new HWEB Web Reservation System users think that with HWEB they will get the ability to pull in more cost-effective web reservations in place of costly call center reservations and that’s about it. After all is sounds like a lot. What many company owners are not prepared for are the far-reaching effects of converting a portion of your business to the web. Get prepared, because growth of Internet commerce has effected the travel industry more than any other single area of commerce. The airlines have been very successful in converting consumers over to the Internet. Internet reservations is the new standard in product purchase and those consumers who have converted typically embrace the new way of doing business on the web.

The Airlines Are Training Your Customers
The airlines have done a great job of training your customers to use the Internet to make reservations and they will continue to convert a large percentage of those that do not use the web with each passing year.

The corporate travel planner, who now phones into your call center, will be anxious to convert to web reservations, especially when you offer a custom web portal that is specific to their company.

Envision the hotel concierge, at one of the finer hotels in your area, using his own web portal, to make all of the departure pickup reservations for guests instead of calling on the phone and waiting for the next available agent.

Think bigger than just web reservations because the travel industry is out in front of all other commerce in converting over to Internet based commerce. Your travel agents all have computers, your corporate accounts all use computers and your group contacts switched over to web based communication with their members years ago because it was more efficient. Beyond the web reservation itself and is a vast land of marketing and application potential.

Immediate and Cost Efficient
Think about the cost of printing discount coupons, which you now distribute to groups who hold their annual functions in your service area. You now have the option of posting your service message on the group’s web site, with a direct link to a special group web page which you have configured using your HWEB tool.

When you start thinking about the time and money saving ability of the web and your web reservations package, there is no end to the applications that you will come up with. Applications that will save your company real money while providing your customers with a higher level of service. Putting frequently faxed forms on your web site for easy customer access, posting sales and instructional information in a manner that it can be easily retrieved by those who it targets and a host of other web-efficient business practices are just waiting for you to tap into.

Stepping Up to Online Business
If you don’t currently have management and support personnel who are “Internet focused” you will in the near future. The company webmaster, the person at your company who will focus on developing your web business, will be as important to you as your sales manager is today.

The Hudson Group offers a number of support packages which can help you get started quickly and effectively, even if your corporate infrastructure does not currently include web support personnel. Even if you don’t even have a web site, we can help you. To learn about the advanced services that The Hudson Group can provide, contact your Hudson Sales Technician.