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View Invoicing with HWeb Admin 1.86a

Category:HWeb Admin -> Invoicing

How to Invoice with HWeb Admin version 1.86a and later

Invoicing with HWeb Admin 1.86a and later.

Invoicing in the Hudson System is comprised of the following key steps:

  • Generate Invoices
  • Review Invoices
  • Update Invoices
  • Preview Invoices
  • Posting Invoices
  • Printing Invoices

Please review the overview below on how to complete each of the above listed steps.

Generate Invoices

  1. Open HWeb Admin
  2. Go to Invoicing \ Trial Detail: Select by Charter, Group, or Charge to.
  3. Set the stat and end date range. Specify the charter, group or charge to, or leave the default which selects all.
  4. On the Menu bar, click Options Print Preview, if desired to review before printing to paper
  5. Click EXECUTE at the bottom of the screen to do a trial detail.
  6. If Invoices look approximately correct, repeat the process by going to: Invoicing Create Invoice
  7. Press EXECUTE to create /generate invoices.

Review Invoices

  1. Go to Tools \ Admin Tools \ Invoicing
  2. If/When prompted: There are (##) invoices that need to be updated, Click OK
  3. Select the Date Range (Start Date and End Date) for Invoicing.
  4. Click Display Invoices: A list of all invoices for the date range will be listed. The STATUS on the Right hand side of the screen will show as NORMAL or UPDATED.

a. To display the reservations/details (invoice items) for any given invoice, click on the invoice or group name to highlight it in yellow.

b. Click the small grid square to the left of the button labeled: Display Invoices. This will change to the Invoice Items view.

c. Click an invoice item from the list to highlight it in yellow.

d. You can then use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the box to scan the item details, or you can click on each of the three tabs in the Item Details box on the right side of the screen to see the same information.

e. Information can be directly entered from your keyboard in some of the fields on the right: Example: Comments.

f. To remove a Reservation/Invoice Item, Left Click to select the item, then Right Click and select “Delete Selected Invoice Item.”

g. To return to the list of invoices, click again on the small grid square icon to the left of the Button labeled: Display Invoice Items.

Update Invoices

(For Invoices to be Posted, the Status must be changed from UPDATED to NORMAL. Follow these steps to change Invoices from Updated to Normal).

1. Go to Tools \ Admin Tools \  Invoicing

2. From the list of displayed invoices, you may select one or multiple invoices to update. Click the first Invoice in the list to select it.

3. Depress and hold the SHIFT key and then click on the last invoice in the list box. This should highlight all invoices in Yellow.

4. Right Click and select: Update Invoice from Items and Update Items Reference Details

5. When you click OK, you will note that all Invoice Items (Reservations) will be reviewed again for changes. The process continues until all invoices have been updated. The Status on these invoices should change to NORMAL. If the Invoice Status box above the display grid is set to UPDATED, then the invoices will disappear from the display grid once they have been changed to NORMAL. These Invoices may now be, Previewed, Posted and Printed.

Preview Invoices

You may wish to view the final invoice prior to printing and sending.

1. From the list of Displayed Invoices, select the invoice(s) you wish to preview.

2.Right Click and select Print Selected Invoices

3.The word DRAFT will appear on all Printed Invoices, until the invoice has been Posted.

Posting Invoices

 Once Invoices have been posted, they cannot be edited before printing. If an invoice is Posted, printed, and found to be incorrect, the invoice must be deleted and recreated!

1. Select one, or multiple invoices in the list of displayed invoices.

2. Right Click and select Post Selected Invoices(s)

3.Note that the Status of the invoice will change to POSTED in the Invoice Details field to the right.

Printing Invoices

1. Select one, or multiple invoices in the list of displayed invoices.

2. Right Click and select Print Selected Invoices (to print to the default printer)

3. or select Print Invoice(s) to PDF. This will create invoice documents in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (*.pdf) that may be emailed to accounts, groups, clients.

For instructions on invoicing in earlier versions of HWeb Admin version, please see [Invoicing With HWeb Admin 1.86 and Before]]