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Keyboard Shortcut Change Ctrl X

Effective with the release of Hudson local software version 1.91, there is a change to the way that reservations staff use key combinations to discard or escape out of an existing reservation, without saving any changes that may have been made.

Previously, when in HWeb Agent, if you were viewing a reservation, or even made changes that you did not want to save, you would ‘escape’ or back out of the reservation by pressing the CTRL + X keys together. This was followed by a Advisory window:  "The current reservation has changed, are you sure you wish to discard it?"   Selecting YES will back out of the reservation, and close it, leaving it in its original, unedited condition.  Selecting NO will clear the advisory dialog and return you to the reservation where additional changes or edits may be made.

Using SHIFT + Delete keys together, in the same manner, is the new way to accomplish the same task.  Additionally, in version 1.91, you may now also have a toolbar displayed across the top of your screen, with one of the options being a Discard button. Selecting the Discard button with your mouse results in the same action.

Why the change?
Many computer operating systems and applications adhere to standard conventions - that is, everybody tends to do things according to the same rules.  CTRL + X keys, when pressed together usually results in "cutting" or deleting of information.  In the early days of Hudson development, escaping and cutting seemed more or less the same.  10 years later things are a bit different. As more people become computer users, it is important that Hudson applications adhere to the conventions and standards as much as possible so as to avoid user confusion. Adhering to these standards also makes teaching new users how to use Hudson applications much quicker and easier.  For the most part, Hudson has always followed mainstream computer standards… this is one small adjustment that should make things easier for all Hudson users in the long term.