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View Kiosk Command Line Parameters

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Kiosk Command Line Parameters

This article divided into 2 sections: Section 1 contains the most current information related to Kiosk Command Line parameters with Section 2 below reviewing the original set of configuration options available for Kiosks.  Both sections are provided in case legacy installations and kiosk configurations still exist.

Section 1

*** This section of the article is not complete. Please see RICH for more details ***

Currently this technology is only supported with Internet Explorer version 6.0+

This new technology can now load the kiosk in an iframe and provide services to it through an ActiveX control.
By using the ActiveX control; printing and credit card swipes are handled natively.
The ActiveX’s COM port is configurable using either the “com_port=com3” as a URL parameter. OR the “KIOSK_COM_PORT” token. The default COM port is com3. For USB swipers use com_port=USB
Debug mode can be triggered at any time using the “&debug=true” URL parameter. When in debug mode a warning dialog will appear on every page.  This allows you to test without swiping a credit card.

The system error page now displays the system error message when in debug mode.
The mouse can be hidden by passing the URL parameter string “hide_mouse=1” Or mouse can be hidden in the kiosk config section of resutil
The kiosk will reset every 30 seconds (except on the front page). This timeout can be configured with the KIOSK_PAGE_TIMEOUT token (values are in seconds).

When running multiple kiosks that need to have different configurations on the same system (ie, terminal or ready to go enabled/disabled) use kiosk_id=TEMPLATENAME

To run a kiosk, you must first run HWebKiosk on the PC. The software is available from HERE.

After installing, two minor changes are required on the IE setup.

1.) Open Internet Explore, Go to TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS select SECURITY/TRUSTED SITES, press SITES. Add https://*, uncheck “require server verification”, then add http://*
Pres OK.

2.) On same SECURITY tab, click CUSTOM LEVEL. Locate: “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe. Change the setting to Enable. Press OK.
Press OK.
Restart Internet Explorer.

Print Template
To setup a template for printing, go to the resutil page of the kiosk site. Under Template Configuration.

PrintPreview=True (anything else is false)
PrinterName=Name of Printer (no quotes)
Orientation=0 (Portrait), 1 (Landscape)

Section 2

*** This is older technology, all functionality can now be achived with 98% web technology and a couple of minor libraries (new article to follow soon) ***

Below are the command line parameters to use Hudson’s kisok technology. These parameters work with the Hudson program called HWebQuick.exe

/KIOSK="SERVERNAME/cgi-bin/HOSTNAME/start" -> sets the website
/KIOSK="SERVERNAME/cgi-bin/HOSTNAME/start?kiosk_id=MYKIOSK" -> sets the website and SourceName
/KIOSKTEST -> Sets test mode (puts a close button on the browser page)
/KIOSKTEMPLATE=KioskReciept -> (template name - uses matchkey, no template name defined - no printing)
/HIDECURSOR -> Hides the mouse cursor
/KIOSKPAGETO=20 -> Kiosk page timeout in seconds (60s is the default)
/KIOSKSWIPETO=50 -> Kiosk swipe timeout in seconds (60s is the default)
/KIOSKCONFTO=15 -> Kiosk confirmation page timeout in seconds (30s is the default)
/KISOK="SERVERNAME/cgi-bin/HOSTNAME/start?debug=1 -> Kiosk page will have have button to emulate a credit card swipe (useful for remote support)

/KIOSK="" /KIOSKTEST /HIDECURSOR /KIOSKTEMPLATE=KioskReciept c:prhfhwebhweb.ini