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View Limiting Services Displayed in a Portal


Limiting Services Displayed in a Portal

You can select services, that you do not want to feature in a particular portal, from being displayed to customers making reservations in that portal. For example, youi may offer three services globally, Shared Ride, Town Car and Limousine, but have a need to display Shared Ride only in a particular portal. Here’s how you do it:

Using the WEB UTILITY, just add the following code in the WEB EDITED PROFILE OPTIONS field in the GROUP CONFIGURATION:

SVC=SVCPASSn:0 (where "n" is the SERVICE NUMBER)

It will look like this:

In the above example you see the typical portal color codes followed by the code that excludes the unwanted service(s). In this case you would be EXCLUDING service 2 from showing up as an option.

To exclude more than one service, just add a comma and the next service that you want to exclude, as shown below:


In the above example, services 2, 3 and 4 will NOT be displayed.

After you have entered the correct modifying code, scroll to the bottom of the page and click UPDATE to save the changes. Make sure that you then access the portal and test your new configurations.

Important Note

It is VERY IMPORTANT that there are no spaces between modifying codes in the WEB EDITED OPTIONS field, only commas are needed to separate the commands.