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View Line Run Management

Category:HWeb Agent
Category:File Layouts

Line Run Configuration, Setup, Management

Line Run Management


Line runs are trips that can be auto-created for a given time range either by date or by day of week.  These line runs are most useful for scheduled runs that occur on a daily or weekly basis.


Creating Line Runs

  • The first step to create a line run is to open the HWeb Agent select the Tools > Configuration > Application Configuration > Fares & Scheduling > Line Runs
  • The Line Run configuration tool will now open.  This tool consists of two columns; Line Run list and Line Run detail.  The Line Run list displays all established Line Runs and their frequency in a summary format.  The Line Run detail displays the information from the Line Run list in a more detailed display.
  • To create a new Line Run, press the new button (blank page) in the Line Run list column.  You should now enter a description for the Line Run. Select the Direction and Service Type for the Line Run.  Enter the Run Number (the number determined in the TimeRec.CSV ~# For more information see Hudson Contact).
  • Enter the Maximum number of passengers allowed for the Line Run in the field marked Max Passengers. You may now select an optional start and end date for the standing order.
  • Next is setting the frequency of the standing order.  Press the new button (blank page) located to the right of the frequency label.  A new frequency will be created with the default Type: Include and default Target: Monday.  If a date is required, simply change the Target to date and then enter the date in the field labeled date in the format of MM/DD/YY.
  • When you are finished press the Save changes to db button to save your changes in the Line Run table.  You may also press Update while making changes, however no changes will be saved until the Save changes to db button has been pressed.  You will know which buttons need to be pressed by the blue star indicator.

Generating Line Runs for Agent and Dispatcher Use

To create the line run for use by the dispatcher:
  • Open your HWeb Admin.
  • Select General Functions - Line runs - Create Daily
  • Select the date or date range for the line run generation. It is recommended to only generate line runs for several days to a few weeks in advance.
  • Press Execute.
  • If the line run is being used for a scheduled service, select Auto route.  Select the date for auto-routing, then press Execute. Auto-routing will add passengers for dates chosen to the respective existing trips.

Preventing Specific Runs from Being Generated

If you have previously created and configured Line Runs, per above, but
wish to block one or more line runs from being created for a period of time (for
example in an off-season), then you can set a run or series of runs to
NOT be created when you next perform the generation process.

From any of the local system applications:

  • Tools > Configuration > Application Configuration > Fares & Scheduling > Line Runs
  • Locate and select (highlight) the line run that should NOT be generated the next time from the Line Run List.
  • In the Line Run detail pane, on the General tab, place a check mark in the box: Do not generate.
  • Repeat the process for other Line Runs, if needed.
  • Click Update and Save Changes to DB

The next time(s) you generate line runs, the selected runs will be skipped, until you access the configuration once again, and remove the check mark(s).