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View Linking Graphics to Portals


Linking Graphics to Portals


Linking           Graphics to Portals

This page will provide           step-by-step instruction on how to create a linked graphic that           can be used as a button to access a web group portal. SeaMonkey will be used as the editing tool and no programming or HTML           skills are required.  Other html editors should work in a similar fashion.

SeaMonkey is available for free at:

Instructions for           Linking Graphics to Web Portals

  1. Print out these instructions.             Do not skip any steps.
  2. Open SeaMonkey and create three             tabs (CTRL T).
  3. TAB 1: Open the PORTAL BUTTONS             & STOCK GRAPHICS page (
  4. In TAB 1, select the graphic that             you want to use by right clicking on the graphic and selecting             SAVE IMAGE AS. Save the graphic to a file or to your desktop.             Remember where you put it.
  5. In TAB 2 - Click File - New - Composer Page.

  6. Select INSERT/IMAGE. The IMAGE             PROPERTIES window will appear. Click on CHOOSE FILE and locate             the graphic that you saved in Step 4. Then, in the field labeled             ALTERNATE TEXT type the following: Airport Transfers Online.             Click OK at the bottom of the IMAGE PROPERTIES window.
  7. In TAB 3, open your Mozilla web             browser to the welcome page for the portal which you are creating             the linked graphic for. Use the complete address (use the Portal             Link Key -             - if needed) by entering the URL in the address line at the             top of the browser page. Press ENTER on your keyboard after             you have entered the complete portal URL. If the portal opens             when you hit enter, you have entered the portal URL correctly.             If not, check your entry against the PORTAL LINK KEY. Common             errors include adding spaces and simple typos.
  8. Once the portal welcome page opens,             right click on the address line (up near the top of the page).             The entire line should highlight and a drop menu will allow             you select COPY.
  9. Reopen TAB 2 - MOZILLA COMPOSER.             Right click on your graphic and select CREATE LINK from the             drop menu. The IMAGE PROPERTIES window will appear and the link             tab should be automatically selected. Right click in the field             provided and select paste. This will insert the portal URL that             you copied in STEP 8. Save             the COMPOSER file in TAB 2.
  10. In TAB 2 - COMPOSER select FILE/BROWSE             PAGE. A new Mozilla browser window will open. The page will             be blank except for your new linked graphic. Test the graphic             by clicking on it. It should take you to the portal welcome             page. Clicking the browser back button will then return you             to the "browser view" of your graphic. Copy the graphic             from this page (not the COMPOSER) to paste in the body copy             of an email to your client.