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View Live Agent Chat - Advance Configuration

Category:Live Agent Chat

This article still being developed

Advanced Configuration Options for Hudson’s Live Agent Chat

HTML for Fixed Chat Icon Placement on a webpage

For Fixed Chat Icon on webpage, this is the script which you need to position in the HTML.

<a href="[removed]HudsonGroupChat_Open();">
img src=""
alt="" border="0" /></a

Note 3 things pls;

1) make sure you also have the master script in the footer of the page too.
2) the floating button should be empty and unchecked in Administration - Chatboxes
3) use the online icon and offline icon in Administration - Chatboxes in the client software.

Hiding chatboxes when viewed from a mobile device


Auto Open chatbox after an automatic period of time

  1. Open Administration - Chatboxes
  2. If auto-open is only to appear on specific pages, then click Add to create new Chatbox:  ACME Contact Page
  3. Click the Edit link for the new chatbox
  4. URL pattern: enter the specific page it applies to in format:
  5. Auto open: Checked
  6. Require Operator to auto open: unchecked
  7. Auto open delay: How many milliseconds will pass before chatbox auto-opens. 1000 milliseconds is 10 seconds. 
  8. Auto open operator name: the operator name that will appear in the chatbox. Examples Customer Support, Agent, Charles, ACME Widgets, etc.
  9. Auto open message: default message text that will appear: Thank you for visiting the Contact Us page on our website today. Do you have a question I can assist you with?


Multiple Domains

It is possible to have Operators logged into a single Operator Console session to monitor chat boxes and conduct chat sessions for multiple websites / domains.  For example, an operator can be logged into the console for but also monitor chat sessions for,, etc. You can follow the steps below to allow and enable these chats so that from the website visitors perspective, they are always chatting with representatives of the specific website they are visiting and not necessarily representatives of Further, it is possible to adjust and customize the canned messages that appear in the console session depending on which domain / website the visitor is on initiating the chat session from.

You must have a separate Configuration established in your Operator Console for each domain you will handle chat messages for.
  EX: Your Operators are logging into a console for You must have separate configurations defined in your Administration -> Configurations for,, and any other domains.


You must have unique Chatbox configurations for each domain you will handle chat messages for.  If any domain has multiple chatboxes configured for it, they must be replicated on the console that will be handling the chat sessions.
  EX: has 2 chat boxes configured - 1 that automatically opens and invites a visitor to chat if they have been on the Contact Us page of the website for more than 30 seconds. The second chatbox is the standard or default chatbox displayed on all other pages of; it must be opened manually by the site visitor.  In this situation, both chatboxes are configured on the Console AND the Console.