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View Live Agent Chat - Version 4

Category:Live Agent Chat

Version 4.0 Features of Live Agent Chat

The following is a list of features included in the Version 4.0 release of Hudson’s Live Agent Chat. Instructions and details on how to configure and use these features will be added. Check back for updates.

Ability to open up (force-open) Chatbox after visitor has closed it

Previously, if a visitor closed a chatbox, intentionally or accidentally, the Operator could not send the visitor any further information. With version 4.0 of Live Agent Chat, the Operator can force-open the closed Chatbox and send the visitor additional information and details.

Ability to push URL / script to the visitor

An operator has always been able to pass a URL or link to a visitor through the open chatbox. The visitor would then click the link to go to the new page.  Version 4.0 allows the operator to pass a URL to the visitor and automatically open that page on the visitors browser.  If for example a visitor is asking about your cancellation policies, you can now pass a URL that will automatically open your policies, terms and conditions page on your website without any action required by the visitor.

Ability to hear sound

Version 4 brings audible alerts . When a chatbox has been opened by a visitor and an initial message has been entered, the Operator will see the traditional flashing screen indication and will now also hear an audible tone; useful when the chat console is not what the operator is watching at the moment.  A tone will also be heard by the visitor when a reply message has been sent by the operator; useful in keeping visitors engaged in the chat process once initiated.

Ability to use animated .gif for floating chat icon

If motion is what you want for your floating chat icon on your website, Version 4.0 will now permit it. This can be useful for drawing more attention to the chat functionality of your website.

Ability to integrate forms in the chat box

You now have the ability to build a form in Live Agent Chat and push this form to visitors for completion. An example of the form would be a customer satisfaction survey where you can specify questions and a list of answers to select from. One example of the forms functionality would be to create a brief customer satisfaction survey that could be opened for the visitor automatically at the end of a chat session.

Second automated chat invitation

Live Agent Chat has the ability, if so configured, to automatically open a chatbox and invite a visitor to engage on the website after they have been on a page for a specified amount of time. If the client closes the chatbox & invitation, you can now set the chatbox to open a second time and make an additional offer to chat after an additional amount of time has elapsed.

Additional reporting and statistics

Statistics of the most popular pages, keywords, referral pages per domain are now available.

Visitor history

When you click the visitor IP address, the chat Operator can see where the visitor entered the website (which page) and their site navigation history up through the current page they are on.

Enhanced naming of website visitors

By clicking the visitor IP address, an Operator can now assign a name to the visitor (e.g. Steve / ACME Widgets).  This name will also appear on the console screens of all other Operators making it easier to track users. If a visitor returns again in the future, their name will also be displayed, making it easier to identify and work with repeat visitors.

Typing hint

When a visitor is typing in an open chatbox, the operator will see a small message indicating that the visitor is typing a message. When the Operator is typing a reply, the visitor will see a similar message. This will let both users of the chat system know that information is being actively entered or sent.  This will help both users know whether there is active typing occurring.

Upload photo in chat room grid

Operators can now upload a photo in the operator chat room grid.

Integrated help system

There is now a dynamic “Help” menu for Operators that provides information on each item or section of the console. It is designed to help show Operators how to use the primary functions of the Live Agent Chat System. NOTE: Hudson will be building and adding the content to the Help menu over time.  When launched, the Help menu may have little or no information but the menu options and content will be developed and enhanced as time progresses.

Patterns feature - automatically record unanswered chats request

The patters feature allows the Live Agent Chat system to automatically take unanswered chat request from the visitor after a predefined time interval has passed.  This will be useful when Operators want to do their own chatting but find that they are unable to answer the chats in a timely manner.

Induced events

The induced events feature is used to create reports on events which happened on the website after Live Agent Chat was utilized with website visitors. For example: induced events is a useful tool to measure the effectiveness of using the Live Agent Chat system on your website. You can do this by setting up an induced event that tracks how many website visitors reach your checkout page or newsletter sign up confirmation page, etc., after they have been assisted by a chat operator. This is one example highlighting the use of measuring events induced by Live Agent Chat. Using this example, you can set various criteria to measure: Events happening after

  • visitors arrive to the website (no intervention by Live Agent Chat)
  • visitor sends a message through the chatbox (no operator reply received)
  • operator sends a message through the chatbox to a visitor (no reply received from visitor)
  • automatic message is sent to the visitor using auto-open feature (no visitor reply received)
  • two way chat occurred
  • to way chat initiated by the visitor
  • two way chat initiated by the operator

The end result is that reports can be created using the above criteria.

Project & Task Manager enhancements

Printed report enhancements

Increased number of PDF printed statistics templates including:

  • Most popular keywords
  • Most popular referral pages
  • Induced event statistics
  • Top 20 most popular pages on the website

Introduction of custom forms builder

  • Custom forms can be built uisng the built-in form editor and sent across to website visitors via link in the chatbox
  • Webisite visitor clicks the link and a new browser window opens with the form, ready for the visitor to review and complete
  • After completing the form, an automatic email is sent to the email address that was specified in the Form Editor
  • Forms can include single and multiple lines of text iput, checkboxes, drop down menus, email and website addresses
  • Forms can be translated int different languages and it is up to the Operator to select which form (language) will be sent to the visitor
  • Forms are added to the bottom of the Canned Messages list. This is where the Opertor can select from the list of available forms.

Integration of custom Parameter & Javascript Variables

You can use the Custom Parameters feature when you want to integrate the Live Agent Chat application into your online Newsletter or online advertising campaigns.

Live Agent Chat can detect the URL parapmeters and or the Javascript variable s in the links your website visitor use to get to your website and then extract information from the parameters and display them in the List of Visitors pane in the Operator Console. this is useful whey you have the email addresses of your recipients in the link you send to them as you will then see this email address in the visitor list; allowing you to identify and know the names of the people browsing your website.