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View Live Agent Chat - Version 5

Category:Live Agent Chat

Watch here for information about features included in Version 5!

IP Info Contact Database

You have been able to click an IP address of a website visitor and rename them so you can easily identify them if they return. Now with version 5, you have the ability to assign a company name, email address, phone and website URL to that same contact; using your chat system to build a customer or prospect database. This information may be exported to a CSV formatted file (for import into other sales CRM systems).

Detailed Chat Operator Statistics

The chat system compiles and allows you to export many new pieces of information for each of your chat operators, including:

  • Number of chats
  • Visitor wait time after first message
  • Operator wait time after message
  • Visitor wait time after message
  • Number of chats finished by visitor
  • Number of chats with only visitor messages
  • Number of operator messages
  • Number of visitor messages
  • Number of online operators
  • Hourly breakdown of operator activity

  • All of the above are located in the Statistics area of the chat client.

    “No Chat Operator Available” - Receive alerts when chat is offline

    Supervisors can receive an instant email alert in case no chat operators are logged in and monitoring the chat account.  Email alerts are resent every hour until a chat operator logs back into the account.

    Canned Messages now extended with easier KnowledgeBase style folder structure

    You can now build a KnowledgeBase of frequently asked questions for your chat operators, per account, per domain and even per language.  This also supports the newly introduced Audio Messaging feature (see below). You can now record audio messages and categorize them in Sales/Support/Billing folders.  Audio messages can be stored in their own folder if desired. The auto-prediction feature previously available still functions; looking up a canned response by simply typing part of the known message. 

    Spell check is also now supported

    on the operator client side. Any mistyped words are highlighted in red.