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View Live Agent Chat - Version 5 Installation

Category:Live Agent Chat

****This Article is still being developed****

Installation of Live Agent Chat - Version 5

Version 5 of the Hudson Group Chat client Live Agent was updated and made available on 9/22/2015. The instructions below are intended for clients of the Hudson Group who have a current account for Live Agent Chat and are running the Chat Client application on their own local system hardware.  If your system is hosted on Hudson’s cloud servers, then the installation of Live Agent is already taken care of for you by Hudson Tech Support and Network Engineering team members. The instructions and screen captures below should have you up and running in no time at all. If you have questions, please contact Hudson Tech support by submitting a support system ticket.



Click the install button and the first Installer Welcome screen should appear.  Unless you are installing in a different language, accept the default English installation language and then select “Next”



Please review the Software License Agreement and then select “I agree” to accept and continue with the installation. Select “Next” to move to the next step.



You should leave the default settings here - this should be setup as a New installation. Select the “Install” button to proceed.



You can change the name of the installation if you wish. It is recommended to leave the displayed default settings unchanged.  You can also control by placement of checkmarks where you would like to have Live Agent Chat shortcuts placed.  It is suggested too that you allow the software to be used by “Everyone” who uses this computer / workstation.  When prepared to proceed, select “Next”.



Review the setup summary screen displayed by the installer. If you see that something needs to be changed before proceeding, you can press the “Back” button to make adjustments. If all appears proper at this time you can select “Next” to finish and proceed with the installation.



A brief intermediate screen will appear showing the status of the installation, which occurs quickly, typically in about 10 seconds or less. When complete, a “Setup finished successfully” screen will be displayed along with a message indicating “no errors.”  Should you encounter errors, try the installation process again from the beginning. If the issues occur again, please reach out to Hudson Tech Support for assistance.