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View Loading Hudson Software

Category:HWeb Mobile Devices

Loading Hudson Software

Subject: Steps to loading HWeb Software


 Summary: This document outlines the step by step procedure of downloading your standard Hudson Fare and configuration files into your POS devices from a workstation in your office.


 1. Create HWebTerminal folder in your Local Directory, create another folder inside HWebTerminal and name it using the Client ID of the zip that was sent to you.


 2. Copy zip file to your Local Directory [C:\HWebTerminal\Client ID] Extract the zip file inside the Client ID folder (Make sure to delete or remove the zip file from the directory before using the ExaFlasher program.)


 3. Open ExaFlasher.exe Application installed on the Desktop (Not on the Desktop of the Server.) 

  A. Select MM2 Plus

 B. Click on the Browse Button, you are looking for 

 [C:\HWebTerminal\ Client ID \app.cramfs] select: app.cramfs.


 4. Make sure the Exadigm unit is powered off; use the cable marked B to connect to the Serial port. If the workstation does not have a serial port to connect to, you will need to purchase a USB serial adaptor. Take the Serial connector that plugs into the Exadigm unit from the Y cable and plug it in with the arrow on the connector facing down.


 5. After Y cable is connected to both the unit and the workstation, select the power button on the Exadigm unit when the Abanco logo appears then select the Flash button located at the bottom of the ExaFlasher app. Files will then begin to download.













 6. Once the download is complete select O.K. on the ExaFlasher app, and remove the battery from the Exadigm unit. When flashing the Exadigm unit for the first time you will get some errors before you get to the login screen…Error Reading ResNo.dat, and Error Reading Termno.dat. To continue select the enter key until you reach the login screen. After you login set the Reservation number to 1, Terminal ID to 100 or higher, and set Log Level to 31. These settings are available in the change settings menu.

7. Login using your Administrator UserID (xxxx) and Password (xxxx). On the Main
Menu scroll down and select (4) Admin Tools, this will bring you to the Admin
Menu. [The Restore Defaults procedure does not have to be performed with new Exadigm units, only for units that have had a previous version of Hudson software.] Scroll down and select the Restore Defaults button that allows you to revert to the preferred settings. Then you will be prompted, "Are you sure you want to restore system defaults" select enter on the keypad.


 8. The new bind is now loaded on the Exadigm unit and you can go back to the Main Menu to make a new sale.