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View Location Drop Lists


Location Drop Lists

Location           Drop Lists

          Drop List Basics

Your hudson web system           has a potential of having up to four location drop lists. Exactly           which list any location shows up in is dependant on what letter           code is placed in column M (FARE TYPE) in the fare table.

The drop lists can be           coded with the following letter designations (in order their display           on the page and showing the most common usage):

P - Places or Cities
S - School
            C - Corporate
            H - Hotel
            A - Airport
O - Other

Hiding & Displaying Corporate           Drop Lists

To display a corporate account’s           locations, in their portal, without dispaying the corporate account           addresses globally, is supported by Hudson web technology. Here           is how:

  1. Assign all of your corporate addresses,             which you do not want displayed globally, to the FARE TYPE C             in the fare table.
  2. Using the WEB UTILITY=>CUSTOM             CONFIGURATION configure PICKUP CORPORATE in the DYNAMIC FIELD             DESCRIPTIONS as an empty (no copy) field.
  3. Using the WEB UTILITY => GROUP             CONFIGURATION add the fare             keys for the corporate locations you want displayed to the WEB             EDITED LOCATIONS field (more info at Portal             Specific Location Display)
  4. Using the WEB UTILITY => GROUP             CONFIGURATION add the following string to the WEB EDITED PROFILE             OPTIONS field.


Changing Drop List Captions in           Portals

Displayed below are a list of fare           types and the string used to change that drop list caption in           a portal. String is added to the WEB UTILITY => GROUP CONFIGURATION           => WEB EDITED PROFILE OPTIONS field:

              S - PGH=PICKUPSCHOOLDESC:New<sp>Caption
              C - PGH=PICKUPCORPDESC:New<sp>Caption
              H - PGH=PICKUPHOTELDESC:New<sp>Caption
              A - PGH=PICKUPAIRPORTDESC:New<sp>Caption
              O - PGH=PICKUPOTHERDESC:New<sp>Caption