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View Location Types in a Fare File

Category:File Layouts

Location Types in a Fare File

Location Types within a fare file are used for categorizing locations by ‘kind’ or ‘type’.  This permits sorting and grouping of locations, particulary useful on the Web Reservations system. The current letters that are used, along with their location types:

P   Place, City, Town

S   School, College, Education Center

C   Corporate (offices, business park, etc)

H   Hotel, Motel, Inn, Bed & Breakfast

Y   Cruise Terminals

R   Train/Rail Stations

C   Condos

D   Downtown

A   Airport (may also apply to cruise ship terminal or train stations)

O   Other (e.g. Sports arenas, concert halls, museums, points of interest, etc)

These types are loose definitions only. For assistance in setting the appropriate kind or type of location in your fare table, contact Hudson Tech Support.