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View Login Error Codes

Category: HWeb Dispatcher

Login Error Codes

When starting and logging into any of the HWeb products, it is possible that the Login will not be allowed and an error code will be returned.  Here is a list of the login error codes and their meanings. Depending on the code returned, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue yourself. If you have any questions, please note the error code returned and then contact Hudson Tech Support.

0 Success

1 Invalid file check sum

2 Invalid username and password

3 User is disabled

4 User is expired

5 Invalid access (TOD)

6 User cancel

7 Invalid user check sum

8 Error reading user database header

9 Error reading user database records

10 Error writing user database header

11 Error writing user database records

12 Error creating user database

13 Incompatible security version

14 Security disabled

15 Invalid checksum

16 Invalid filename

17 Library not initialized

18 Password expired

30 Error opening user database

31 Generic file error

32 File not found

33 Invalid file path

34 Too many open files

35 Access denied

36 Invalid File

37 Remove current dir

38 Directory full

39 Bad seek

40 Hard IO

41 Sharing violation

42 Lock violation

43 Disk full

44 End
of file