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View Managing Profiles in Local System and Then Exporting to Web


Managing Profiles in Local System and Then Exporting

At one time, Web Profiles were created and managed by clients online. Local System profiles were created and managed by your agents. The two systems didnt really communicate as efficiently as they could have and you couldnt track total number of reservations made by a single client, combining both their web reservation history with their local system history…Now you can!   Recent changes now allow you to create and manage Group and Sales profiles in the local system, and then export them to the web for immediate client use. You can also enter the WebID for an Individual’s web profile in the Local system profile and see combined history for both systems. 

(NOTE: Only profiles of types: GROUP or SALES can be exported from local system to the Web as of the date of this article.)


To manage profiles in local system, and then upload to the web:

Open HWeb Agent

Click: Tools - Profiles - Edit Existing Profile (or  SHIFT + F9)

Browse to and open the desired profile.

Assuming that the profile you have opened is either a GROUP or a SALES profile, then:

Enter the desired Alias (WebID) into the appropriate field on the GENERAL tab. (This field is CaSE SenSItive).

Beside the WebID field - set the profile= EXPORT (default setting is No Export).

Adjust any other values as needed within the profile tabs. When finished:

Click:  Tools - Update the Web.

You will be prompted to Save Changes first.

After changes are saved, the profile will be uploaded to the web, and a dialog box will confirm this, or report errors, if any occurred.

Your profile is now uploaded, active, and useable on the web system.




If you have a client who has already built a profile for his/herself online, they probably already have a ProfileID that has been automatically assigned by the web system. It will start with two letters that correspond to your web reservation system, and will also have a series of numbers. (ex: ZA000123, WX000789, etc.).

This web generated profile ID can also be entered into the local system profile, so that all online reservations that the client places, are "linked to" and associated with the local system profile that you also have for them. This is useful for tracking a clients reservation history of both local system and online reservations in one central location (the local system profile history) and for tracking and awarding frequent rider points.

To add a web-generated profileID to the local system profile, follow the steps above to locate the desired profile in the local system.

Then, in the WebID field, enter the Web-generated profile ID (ex: WX000789) into the WebID field on the GENERAL tab.

Save changes to the profile and exit.

Now, when the client places online reservations using the WebID, the combined reservation history (web and local) can be viewed in the local system by opening the profile for the client and going to the HISTORY tab.