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View Merging Duplicate Profiles in the HWeb Suite


Merging Duplicate Profiles in the HWeb Suite

Profile Merge

Effective with HWeb Agent version 1.89h, this allows you to now take multiple personal profiles (for same client) that may exist in your system and combine to create a single client profile. All reservations (past and present) under the merged profiles will be linked to the single master profile created.

From within HWeb Agent or HWeb Admin:
Tools > Profiles > Profile Merge
Profiles Merge dialog
From window: click Select Profile(s) button
Find Window:  Lookup and identify the first duplicate profile that you wish to remove
(Repeat the process if there is a triplicate file you also wish to remove)

TO window: Click Select Profile button
Find Window: Lookup and identify the profile you wish to use as your Master profile.

NOTE: If you wish to review the contents of any of the profiles that have been selected, click to highlight the profile and then select the button: "See Details." This will open the profile for a more detailed review.

Before merging, your Profile Merge dialog window will look similar to the following:


In this example, profiles 356 and 357  are being merged into profile 355. 

Select the Merge Profiles button at the bottom of the window.
You will be presented with a warning dialog similar to:


If you are sure you wish to proceed, click the OK button.

The application will review all reservations made under the profiles to be merged (in this case 356 and 357) and will write the new master profile ID (355) to these records.  The system reviews reservations in both the Active as well as the Archive tables.  When finished, the Profile Merge dialog box will display a blue header - indicating the number of reservations affected by the merge. 

NOTE:  For security reasons, Credit Card numbers, phone numbers, and most other critical pieces of information ARE NOT COPIED OR MERGED.  The source profile is marked as ‘Deleted’, all of the reservations, and
optionally the preferred pickup locations, are associated with the
new master or ‘destination’ profile.  For this reason, you should first review the details of the profiles to be merged and manually copy across address, email, credit card and other key profile fields.