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View No Rate Airport


No Rate Airport

Hudson now has the ability to create no rate airports on your web system.

This feature requires HudsonFX templates v1.05 and the site must be converted to support configurable background colors.

NO Rate Airport -  An airport with no specified locations or rates, usually set of for use in a portal.  This setup allows for your corporate clients to book for any additional airports in the world without the need for a fare file or a list of locations.  The following outlines the steps taken to configure your web site with this type of airport.

Creating the No rate airports

There are four configuration items in Airport Configuration used to setup a no rate airport.

Airport pricing type:

This value sets the airport type and must be set to "No rate"

Reservation operation type:

This value defines the value to set in the operation type field of the reservation.

Valid values are

N: Normal

Q: Quote


Dummy fare key:

This value is the fare key to be used to look up location
information. It is required for compatability with standard fare
processing and to determine which services are valid.  In the airport fare file there must be a location with a fare key that matches this value set in the aiport and each valid
service must have a 0 in the base fare column of the fare file.

Departure lead time is also a required field and must be set in the fare file. The value in this field must be greater than 0.

Macro name: 

This value is the name of a macro token containing any customization required when using the airport.

Create a macro token called Macro_NoRate with the following settings
PGH=CAP_RESNUM:Quote number,PGH=CAP_FARE:unkown fare,

Configuring the No Rate services

Service Configuration

There is an option per service in the service configuration to enable the service for no rate airports.  The airport fare file must also contain a 0 in the service fare column (as mentioned earlier).

General Configuration:

In the General Configuration, there is a setting to display different types of airports (normal, partner, no rate)
You can enable the no rate airports for all customers by changing this to yes.

Enabling no rate airports for a group portal

If you are trying to enable the no rate airports just for particular portals you need to configure this in the web edit profile options.  To do this add the following CFG=GEN_AIRNORATE:1,
This changes the setting on the general configuration for this portal to yes.