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View Off Peak Surcharge

Category:HWeb Agent -> Surcharges

Off Peak Surcharge - How to Configure

Off Peak surcharges are configured per service type.
The time in which off peak occurs is configured once for all services.
To configure what time band is off peak, select TOOLS/ CONFIGURATION/FARE AND SERVICES/TIMES.  Here you set the Off peak start and Off peak end times. 

Then in the SERVICES tab, locate Off peak allowed? 
Check here the services that are available during off peak hours. 
There is also an option to require a Credit Card during the off peak times. 
The surcharge can be a fixed amount applied to any time within the off peak times.

Off peak can also be set on a sliding scale, either per half hour or per hour.  To set the sliding scale set an Off peak surcharge and Off peak surcharge type of Per half hour (or Per hour). 
As an example; if off peak start is 11:00pm and off peak end is 6:00am, with a surcharge of 5 and max of 20, between:
11:01 to 12:00am the fee is $5,
12:01 to 01:00 – $10
01:01 to 02:00 – $15
02:01 to 03:00 – $20
03:01 to 04:00 – $15
04:01 to 05:00 – $10
05:01 to 06:00 – $5