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View PCI Compliance - Hudson

Category:Credit Card Processing

PCI Compliance and The Hudson Group

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and often is used generally to represent the set of rules established by the PCI Security Standards Council.  These rules guide payment application vendors (Hudson) and merchants (Hudson clients) on the way credit cards and credit card information is processed and stored.  These rules are often referred to as PA-DSS (Payment Application - Data Security Standards) and are designed to ensure that this sensitive data could not fall into inappropriate hands or be lost due to data or network security breaches.

The PCI Security Standards Council website contains a wealth of information for anybody wanting to know more about PCI rules and guidelines:  PCI Council. While Hudson developers have been delivering robust and secure credit card processing solutions since 2001, the rules established by the PCI council serve as a benchmark against which all software providers can evaluate their payment applications. As more banks and companies are realizing the benefit of the standards, there is a move in place to require PCI Compliance from all payment application providers, like Hudson.

If you want to know if your payment application or application provider has been reviewed and certified as PCI compliant, you can look for the company or the product on this website.  As of late December 2012, The Hudson Group became the first application provider to the ground transportation industry to have a PCI accepted payment application developed to the latest security standard (v2.0).  The PA-DSS process is not easy and involves a rigorous evaluation by an approved security evaluation firm.  If the company and / or application are not listed on this site, they are not officially “Accepted” as PA-DSS compliant.

For a current status of the Hudson PCI process, please visit the security page on The Hudson Group website.