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Category:Credit Card Processing

Links to helpful PCI documentation

You are welcome to follow the links below to download versions of various documents from the PCI Security Standards Council regarding tips for making your business more credit card secure.  All documents were taken from the PCI Security Standards Council document library which may be found online:  This is the site you should check often for updated versions of the documents provided below.

Hudson PA-DSS Client Implementation Guide

This document is for Hudson clients who are running HGTS 1.94 (5133) DB 202 and above. It describes how to use and configure the system to maintain minimum PA-DSS (PCI) requirements. It also covers basic office security procedures including a Data Retention Policy and instructions on how to purge credit card data from your database.
File:Hudson PA-DSS Implementation Guide.pdf

Taking Credit Cards by Phone

How to protect yourself when credit card information is taken over the phone. Includes important information about security threat present when office phone calls are recorded.
File:protecting telephone-based payment card data.pdf

Skimming Threats

Explains what skimming is and best practices for detection and prevention.
File:skimming prevention IS.pdf

Wireless Security

Guide to wireless security in your office or place of business. How to implement secure wireless networking.
File:PCI DSS v2 Wireless Guidelines.pdf

PCI Quick Reference Guide for Merchants

This guide explains, from the beginning and in an overview format, what PCI Compliance is and what Merchants need to do to be PCI Compliant. A good place for merchants to begin.
File:PCI SSC Quick Reference Guide.pdf

Understanding Tokenization

This document explains what Tokenization is and how it is used to increase credit card security. An advanced measure, Tokenization is employed by the HGTS system and is an option available soon to Hudson clients.
File:Tokenization Guidelines Info Supplement.pdf