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View PRI - Online Reservations Not Processed

Category:Web Reservation System
Category:Credit Card Processing

Online Reservations Not Being Charged to Credit Cards with PRI

If you are using PRI (Payment Resources International)  to process and handle your online credit card transactions for incoming reservations,  you may notice that reservations are being imported into your local system without having been authorized/charged, for one or more service types.

If your PRI account has been setup and configured already, it is then necessary to confirm in the online Resutil system, that the Credit Card Autosubmit has been turned on/activated for each service type you wish to have credit cards submitted and authorized for.

Login to your online reservation utility page.
Look under the column heading Configuration.
Find Service Confguration (1-3)  (- or select the appropriate Service type to be adjusted.)
In the column for the appropriate Service Type, read down until you find :  AUTO SUBMIT CREDIT CARDD TRANSACTIONS
Change/Set the value to YES for those service types you wish to have processed automatically at the time the reservation is entered/saved online.
Scroll to the bottom of the page an click UPDATE.

All online reservations for this service type should now be autosubmitted for authorization/charging.

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Tech Support.