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View PRI - Payment Resources International

Category:Credit Card Processing

PRI - Payment Resources International - Credit Card Processing

PRI - Payment Resources International, is a Hudson Group Vendor-Partner.  PRI serves as a credit card processor - taking your client credit card numbers from HWeb applications and processing the credit card transaction. PRI then arranges for the client funds to be deposited into your merchant bank account.

PRI is an internet-based service, permitting Hudson clients to process both internet based reservations as well as local office based reservations being paid by credit card.  PRI offers easy and immediate online access to all merchant records and transactions.  Credits/Refunds and a multitude of reports may all be processed from any location where you have access to the internet.

For more information regarding PRI and to apply for an account online, visit their website:

If you already have a PRI Merchant Account, you may access your transaction history by logging in at the following web address: