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View Payment Variance Report

Category:HWeb Admin

Payment Variance Report

The Payment Variance report will help indicate what the Hudson system shows as actually collected/refunded as compared against what it thinks should have been collected/refunded.

A Negative variance will indicate funds that have not yet been collected and are still outstanding.
A Positive variance will indicate funds that have yet to be returned or refunded to clients.
A Zero variance indicates that all funds that should have been collected/refunded, actually have been collected/refunded.

Open and login to the HWeb Admin Application.  From the expandable menu on the left border,  cl;ick Reports / Reervation / Payment Variance / By Date.  Select the Start and End dates, the processing speed, payment types and variance types desired.

From the Report Type area select the most appropriate report type. The options displayed to the right of the Report Type area will vary/change depending upon the report type selected.

If you prefer to preview the report before printing to paper, click Options / Print Preview from the main menu bar at the top of the screen before selecting EXECUTE.