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View Please Wait While Windows Configures Microsoft Office 2000


Please Wait While Windows Configures Microsoft Office 2000

"Please Wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office 2000…" appears and keeps popping up…

When connecting/ed to a server or machine via Terminal Services and trying to start a Hudson (or other application), you get a dialog box that opens and indicates: Please Wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office 2000…" and when you find that clicking cancel several times is necessary before the application will open….then the following is for you:

Microsoft office needs to be configured differently when it is installed on a server or Terminal Services server where multiple logins may have access to MS Office applications.  The Microsoft Office Resource Kit must first be installed on the server, and then specific additional directions (easy) must be followed when installing Microsoft Office.

(NOTE: In my/our experience, the Office Resource Kit MUST be installed BEFORE MS Office).  If Office is already installed, you should remove or uninstall (documents will not be lost, if previously created, but should be backed up anyway as a precaution).  Install the ORK, and then reinstall Office. This should remove the errors and dialog boxes that pop up. 

Full instructions on how to download and install (no charge) the MS Office Resource Kit are found on the Microsoft Web Site at:
Browse to the section titled: Office Resource Kit core tool set - updated April 20, 2000.

Then review the steps for proper installation of Office on the following Microsoft web page:;en-us;q224313

If problems are encountered, you may contact Hudson Tech Support for additional assistance.