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View Portal Buttons & Stock Graphics


Portal Buttons & Stock Graphics

Portal           Buttons & Stock Graphics

Stock graphics and buttons           below may be used by Hudson customers for the purpose of providing           links to web reservation portals.

Simply copy the graphic           that you want to use to a file in your workstation. Then open           your editing tool (Mozilla’s composer works great) and insert           the graphic into a new document. You will then be able to hyperlink           the graphic with the portal address (use the Portal Link Key if           needed -

Note that the graphics           may be re-sized or re-perportioned after you have copied them           from this page. However, if you want your image to be smaller,           scroll down this page and copy a smaller image as the final product           will look better than resizing a larger image.

When finished, you will           have a linked graphic that can be copied and sent out in email           and/or copied to a web site as a portal link.

New smaller footprint           buttons shown below.

Larger Buttons:


Smaller               Buttons: