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View Portal Specific Location Display

Category:Web Reservation System -> Portals

Portal Specific Location Display

The Portal Specific Location Display feature allows you to limit the pick-up and drop-off locations that are displayed on any given group portal. This feature is available on web version 2.08 and later.

Uses for this feature include:

  • Setting up a portal for a hotel. You can now offer to display the specific hotel proprerty only on the portal for a hotel.
  • Setting up a portal for a group. If the group is going to use 6 specific hotels in your service area, you can limit the displayed locations to only the 6 selected hotels.
  • In setting up a corporate portal, you can now easily address corporate requests to limit the locations to/from which service is offered.

To use this feature:

  1. Open up your WEB UTILITY
  3. Browse for and select the desired Group to be modified
  4. Locate the field labeled WEB EDITED LOCATIONS
  5. In the WEB EDITED LOCATIONS field enter the FARE KEY for any location which you would like displayed. If displaying more than one location is desired, enter multiple FARE KEYS separated by a comma (,) - no spaces are required.
    • Example of multiple location entry:
  6. Note that leaving the WEB EDITED LOCATIONS field blank results in the default action of displaying all locations available on the designated fare table.
    EXAMPLE: You have set up a portal for the Holiday Inn in the town of Mayberry. The FARE KEY for that hotel is 678. Enter 678 in the WEB EDITED LOCATIONS field of GROUP CONFIGURATION page and the only location that will be displayed for that portal will be that specific hotel.
To save your changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click SUBMIT.

For Extra Credit:

To force only specific Fare Key Location Types to appear, you can go to the Web Edited Locations field and enter the Location Types in the format:
This will have the effect of hiding the drop lists for Location Types NOT listed or included. This is useful for hiding pickup or destination drop lists within portals. For Example, perhaps you do not want a School portal to be able to select a Hotel as a pickup of drop off location.

[H]  - Displays ONLY Hotel Location drop list
[HS] - Displays ONLY Hotel and School drop lists
[SA] - Displays ONLY School and Airport drop lists
[HAP] - Displays ONLY Hotel, Airport and City/Place drop lists.


To add or remove airports per group version 2.80+

Method used in v2.80+:
Set the airport sort order listing to the desired airport codes separated by ;


This override can be used to set the order and add or remove an airport.
Only the airports listed will be displayed.