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View Portal Specific Web Reservation Cutoff Adjustment


Portal Specific Web Reservation Cutoff Adjustment

In setting up a web reservation portal, it may be desirable to have a reservation cutoff time, specific to the portal, that is different from the global web reservation cutoff that is configured in the GENERAL CONFIGURATION page of your WEB UTILITY.

An example of when this feature might be used is when you set up a web reservation portal that will be used by the concierge at a hotel that you serve. Even though your regular web reservation customers are not allowed to book online after 8:00 PM the night before the service, you may wish to allow the concierge at a specific hotel the ability to book online up to 2 hours prior to the pickup time.

Starting with web version 2.07, the HWEB web reservation configurations allow you to override your global cutoff reservation time and assign a unique cutoff time to a web reservation portal.

To configure a new reservation cutoff time for a portal, do the following:

  1. Open up your WEB UTILITY
  3. Find the field labeled Profile options: GROUPMISCSTR
  4. If there is already an entry in that field do not delete it. Just place a comma after it and then add the appropriate entry.
  5. If you want to configure the portal to have a relative lead time, enter (cut & paste) the following string replacing "X" with the number of hours, prior to the pickup time, that you would like to cutoff reservations:
    • RLT=R,RLV=X
    • (Example: RLT=R,RLV=2 would indicate a relative lead time with a cutoff 2 hours prior to the pickup time).
  6. If you want to configure a portal to have a fixed cutoff time, you would enter (cut & paste) the following string, where "X" is the cutoff time (in 24 hour military time), "Y" is the lead time (in days) for reservations made before fixed cut off and "Z" is the lead time (in days) for reservations made after fixed cut off.
    • (Example: RLT=F,RLV=18:00,RLA=2,RLB=1 would indicate a fixed lead time cutoff of 6:00 PM, 1 day prior to the day of service)
  7. Click UPDATE at the bottom of the page to save your changes.