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View Pre-Authorizing Credit Cards where Amount is higher than Fare

Category:Credit Card Processing

How do I Pre-Authorize a Credit Card for an Amount that is higher than the Fare?

If you are pre-authorizing credit cards you may wish to get an approval for an amount that is higher than the fare listed in your clients reservation. This is easily accomplished in the Hudson local reservation system by
adjusting the Credit Card Authorization Factor.  This factor can be set
per service type. For example: Shared Ride service may only need to be
pre-authorized at 100% of the fare, where as hourly service needs to be
authorized at 150% of the fare.

When charging for hourly service, as an example, you may wish to pre-authorize a credit card for an amount that is 50% higher than the anticipated base fare. This allows for the pre-authorization to inlcude leeway for time overages, parking, tolls and other fees.

To adjust your Credit Card Authorization factor for one or more Service types:

Open HWeb Agent
Click Tools - Configuration - Fare and Services - Services
Scroll to the right and locate the column: CC Authorization Factor
For each service type, enter the number value according to the factor you wish to apply. Examples are:

  • 1 (=100% of fare)
  • 1.5 (=150% of fare, or one and one-half times the fare)
  • 2 (=200% of fare, or two times the fare)

Save changes and Exit.
Press F11 key to refresh your configuration.