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View Profile - Convert Direct Bills to Credit Card on Web Import

Category:Hweb Agent
Category:Hweb Dispatcher

Profile - Convert Direct Bills to Credit Card on Web Import

This feature is available for those groups that want to pay for all reservations with a (company) credit card, but do not want the online users to see or know the credit card number.

EXAMPLE: all members attending the conference hosted by ACME corp have been told to enter their reservations online and to select the Direct Bill (Invoiced) payment type.  The online users assume that ACME Corp will be invoiced for their reservations.   ACME Corp has given you a corporate credit card and wants all their conference reservations charged to that one card.

 To use this feature, build your group profile in the local system and set it to ALLOW DIRECT BILL.  Upload the profile to the internet. Then go back into the Group Profile and add a credit card number. Go to the RULES Tab and put a check mark in the box to the left of:  "Convert direct bills to credit card on WEB import."

Online, the users will select Direct Bill as their payment type, but when the reservation is imported from web to local, the payment type is automatically changed to credit card and the credit card information is added to the reservation.