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View Profiles - Don't Allow Direct Bill

Category:HWeb Agent

Profiles - Don’t Allow Direct Bill (Discount Only Profile)

When you enter or review a Group profile, you will note on the Billing Tab, a check box next to the text: ” Don’t allow direct bill (discount only profile).” Should you place a check mark here?

The Answer is generally NO.

This option is designed to NOT ALLOW direct billing but is confusing. What this check box means is that when setting up or establishing coupons and discount profiles, this profile is not elegible for invoicing (i.e. Do Not Bill).

This box is used when creating Coupons and other similar discounts that are selected by a Res Agent at the time Reservations are entered. For example: if you have an ad in the Yellow Pages that offers a $2 discount when mentioning the ad.

To understand how this option is applied, read article KB-134 regarding setting up coupons and discounts.