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View Real - Time Arrival Web Reservations from Airlines


Real - Time Arrival Web Reservations from Airlines

Real-time           Arrival Web Reservations from Airlines

          This feature is of particular interest           to companies who’s relationship with airlines includes offering           "on call" service, for the immediate ground transfer           of passengers effected by flight diversions, cancellations or           regular service requirements.

To the operations departments           of the airlines you work with, there will be great appeal for           a system that allows them to access your special airline quick-rez           screen, right from the workstation in the gate area of the terminal.           In a matter of seconds they can make a real-time reservation and           print out a ticket complete with boarding instructions. This and           you could can even offer a direct-bill option for your approved           accounts.

Companies that have           round-the-clock, on call equipment availability can configure           the reservation lead time to "immediate," or, the time           frame can be scaled up to allow for your particular lead time           requirements.

This feature requires           that a "second site" or web reservation engine be set           up, in order to allow configuration of the shorter lead times           that are required by the airlines. However, that second site can           also be used to host your Hotel Concierge Web Reservation program           as well. Hosting your Hotel Concierge Web Reservation program           on a second site offers more flexible configuration options, which           are more user-friendly to the hotel staff (contact your Hudson           sales agent for current second-site pricing) .

If your company has           trouble with competitors who prey upon your passengers with airline           vouchers, this HWEB feature might provide you with the solution           you have been hoping for.