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View Receipts



Effective HWeb 1.88q - Travellers will have the ability, once the web system has been enabled and configured by Hudson, to connect to the Hudson client’s web system / or Reservation Portal and then view and print their own receipts.

If you elect to provide this functionality, clients will see a button on the main Reservation Welcome screen that allows to them to "Print a Receipt." 

If this option is selected, the client will be taken to a separate Receipt information screen where they will be prompted for the Reservation Number (local system or Web Reservation number may be used) and one additional piece of client information that is used to validate the reservation number:
  Flight Number
  Credit card number
  Pickup phone number
  email address

Upon completion of the form with valid information, the client will then be able to view a screen that is similar to the web reservation system confirmation screen that will show reservation details along with fare and payment details. Once the client has determined that this is the correct reservation, they click the PRINT button at the bottom of the screen to print a copy of the template on their local system printer.