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View Receivables Processing

Category:HWeb Admin

Receivables Processing

Once invoices have been posted from HWeb Invoicing, they are placed into the receivables module. From there, payments and adjustments may be made towards specific invoice documents. Various aging reports, statements and the like can be run from the File menu so as to really detail the information coming out of the module. To work within the HWeb Receivables Manager, you must first sign into the Admin application and go to HWeb Admin/Tools/Admin/Tools/Receivables.

Select the group or ‘All Groups’, then the ‘Through Date’ and the receivable transaction type and press ‘Display Transactions’.

Many of the transactions in the receivables module are created automatically through the invoicing and payment application processes, however, the system gives you the ability to manually create transactions to adjust account balances. The system also lets you create Receivable Transaction Types with which adjust the accounts. To create a receivable transaction that is other than an invoice items, simply select the group for which you are working and press the new document icon that looks like a blank page. From there, sect the transaction type and fill in the amount if applicable. When completed, press ‘Update’, then ‘Save Changes To DB’ and the transaction will be saved.

The system gives you the ability to manually adjust the accounts of your receivable items. Go to HWeb Admin/Tools/Admin Tools/Receivables/Tools/Receivable Transaction Types. Press the new icon button and a window will appear. Fill in the appropriate name, select debit/credit and whether the transaction type (if created manually) is editable or a fixed value you assign here.

For example:  You may want to give someone a miscellaneous credit towards their account, you would create a new transaction type called ‘Misc Credit’, giving it a credit status snd leaving the item editable. Then create a new transaction and fill in the amount and save your changes. The receivable aging of the client selected will be affected.