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View Reinitializing the Configuration

Category:File Layouts

Reinitializing the Configuration

When new updates are issued you may need to reinitialize your configuration. This is required because as the software matures and new features are added, your configuration must be “flashed” or loaded with new settings. This most commonly occurs when a component of the system that was once “hard-coded” into the application now becomes an option. For example rider status was once “hard-coded” into the application. Users had no way to change the rider status types or colors. When a software update was created to make rider status configurable, a reinitialization was required to set all the defaults into the new configurable menus.

Here is how to reinitialize your configuration:

Open Agent/Admin or Dispatcher,
Click Tools\Configuration\Application Configuration\Fare and Services
Click APPLY button
Click OK button

...then repeat for Advanced Features:

Click Tools\Configuration\Application Configuration\Advanced Features
Click APPLY button
Click OK button

This reinitialization is only required on ONE PC on the network. Once done on a single PC, have the rest of the users press F11 to refresh their configurations.