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View Remote Desktop Printiing with TerminalWorks

Category:Hosted Accounts
Category:New Users - Start Here!
Category:HWeb Agent

Remote Desktop Printing for Hosted Clients

In the past, it was necessary for every Hudson cloud server running Microsoft Server Operating Systems to have a very large number of printers installed or configured, so that every client that connected to the server and wanted to print to their local machine(s) were able to receive documents formatted in a way that the printer would understand. These “printer drivers” are unique to each printer and are frequently changing and being updated by the print manufacturers.

Today, Hudson has a printing solution that renders the old process unnecessary.  Hosted clients can use the links below and follow the directions to download and install a small translation utility on all of their office computers that will allow the Hudson server to send documents to your network printers in a quick and seamless manner.

To Install the TS Print Utility:

  • Close any / all open RDP sessions to Hudson servers
  • Click the appropriate Installation package link in the Downloads section below
  • The installation will proceed automatically and should only take several seconds

  • To Print a document using the TS Print Utility:

  • Reconnect to the Hudson server, open a test document and try printing to either of the 2 following virtual TS Printers displayed:
  • Select TSPrint Default to print to your local default printer
  • Select TSPrint Printer to select a different printer, other than your default, on your local netowrk.
  • Note: TSPrint Default will route print jobs to whichever local printer your computer has selected as the default.



    After clicking the link below. you will be taken to a new Downloads Page. Click the words “Download File” that appears at the top of the page to initiate the download process.

  • For Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8) - File:TSPrint -
  • For Mac OS X (10.7, 10.8) - - Select “Open” when prompted. Double click the TSPrintClient.pkg to initiate the install.
  • For Mac OS X (10.6 or earlier) - File:TSPrintClient10 - Select “Open” when prompted. Double click the TSPrintClient.pkg to initiate the install.