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View Removing Focus Feature on Dispatcher Grids

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Removing Focus Feature on Dispatcher Grids

How to set Dispatcher desktops to show a single ‘focus’ indicator.

When using a Dispatcher Desktop, comprised of multiple grids, you typically use the mouse to move from one grid to another. When inside any given grid, the row that you have clicked on, or recently selected, shows this ‘focus’ of attention by displaying with a default background color: typically a dark blue.

When you then move to another grid, and select a different row, that new row will display with the default color to indicate the record being viewed. After leaving the first grid though, the record that was last managed or viewed retains the background coloring.  While this may be desireable, many times it is not. It would be better, if ONLY the current record being viewed or managed displays this background color highlighting; allowing a dispatcher to know quickly and specifically, with one glance, which grid and record is currently  selected and being managed.

To achieve this, we configure each grid on the desktop so that it displays the background color, ONLY when it is the active grid and record being viewed/managed.  For each grid in the desktop:

Right Click on any column heading
Select Grip Properties
Select the Colors & Font tab
Locate the ‘Grid Highlight type’’ field in the Description Column
Set the Value= With Focus
Click OK to apply, and then save changes.

The result is that any row in any grid will display the default background or highlighting color when it is selected. When moving to and selecting a row in a different grid, all background highlighting of the previously selected row will be removed. Essentially, only one row at a time on the entire dispatch Grid will be displaying the highlighted background color (if this feature has been set on all grids).