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View Reprint a ticket - Clearing Print History

Category:HWeb Agent

Reprint a Ticket - Clearing Print History

Clearing the print history of a ticket or boarding pass is considered an Administrator level action and privelege and should be used accordingly.  If you want to be able to allow an agent or supervisor to reprint a boarding pass or ticket for a passenger, here are the steps to follow:

To Enable the Privelege:

  1. Go to Tools Configuration User Access
  2. Locate the User ID you wish to grant this privilege to
  3. Click EDIT
  4. Click Priveleges
  5. Scroll down to: AGENT: ALLOWED TO CLEAR PRINT HISTORY - Put a check mark next to this privilege to enable it.
  6. Click OK twice, then Click EXIT

To Clear Print History:

  1. Supervisor logs into HWeb Agent
  2. Open the reservation which has already been set to "Collected" or Mark Paid
  3. Click EDIT from the toolbar across the top of the reservation
  4. Click ADVANCED FEATURES at the bottom of the drop down menu
  5. Click Clear Printing History.
  6. Press CTRL + M to Mark Paid
  7. Click PRINT RECEIPT - A boarding pass will print, but the item will not be charged again. The ticket or Boarding pass will be labled as a receipt.
  8. Supervisor must LOG OUT and allow the agent to login again! (...or the CSR will have the ability to repeat this process and print multiple receipts from this PC. ) After the supervisor has logged out, all agents should/can refresh their view of the reservation.

If you have additional questions regarding this priveledge, please contact Hudson Tech Support.