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Require Dual Email Entry

Configuring the web reservation system to require email address verification

Getting the email address correct when capturing a reservation on the Hudson web system is very important; this is where confirmations, boarding passes and vouchers are most often sent upon completion of the reservation process.  Effective with version 2.69 of the HWeb Reservations Manager, you may configure the system to require the booking passenger to enter the email address in two separate fields.  The system will then compare the two entries to ensure they are identical.  If they are identical, the reservation may be continued and saved. If they are different, a configurable warning or advisory is provided that guides the person to check the accuracy of what they have entered.

Note: this functionality only verifies that the entries are identical and in the proper format ( It does not verify that the address entered is a valid email account.

To enable:

  1. Login to your web reservation utility page.
  2. Select the Custom Tab
  3. Locate and select Custom Configuration link.
  4. Locate the section titled:
    • Dynamic field descriptions

      If the field is blank, the item is not displayed on the page

  5. Within this section, locate the field labeled:  Email Confirmation (NOT the field labeled email address)

  6. Enter into the field (sample messages):

    • Confirm Email address
    • Please re-enter your Email address
    • Please confirm your Email address
To adjust the error message that appears when an email address is not entered, or when the entered addresses do not match:
  1. Login to the web reservation utility page
  2. Locate the Favorites or Custom Tab
  3. Locate and select the Token Configuration link
  4. Look up the token named:  ERR_EMAILCONFIRM
  5. Enter into the large "String" field the text you wish to appear and which should guide the passenger to correct the problem.  Examples:
  • Please confirm your email address
  • Please check that you have entered address(es) and that both addresses are identical

TOKEN (for use in templates):  PICKUPEMAILCDESC

**PORTAL NOTE: If you have dual email entry configured for your main site, but wish to disable the feature within a customized web portal, enter the following command in the Web Edited Misc. String field for the group(s):