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View See your Entire Fleet in Real Time with HWeb VIA

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

See your Entire Fleet in Real Time with HWeb VIA

HWeb VIA (Vehicle Information and Autolocation) is the component of the HWeb suite that allows dispatchers to view fleet vehicles in real-time from their dispath workstation. Additionally, HWeb VIA allows dispatchers to map out a trip, showing all pickup/dropoff locations along the way, and the current location of the vehicle assigned to that trip.

Other uses of HWeb VIA included finding the vehicle that is available and nearest to a new pickup location, or determining the shortest route between any two pickup locations. For more information, download the attached brochure from the attachment link at the top right hand margin of this page.

HWeb VIA requires a subscription with FleetMatics, a leader in Global Positioning Systems and vehicle tracking, and an installation of Microsoft MapPoint mapping software. Download the brochure for more information.