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Category:HWeb Agent

Service Area

Configuring Service Areas in HWEB

To configure service areas:

1) Update database to DB 178, install 193p_4500 +

2) Import a fare table with a name of:
PTXnnnnFares.csv where nnnn is the fare group

This will create a general fare table with the ID of -nnnn.  Once complete
you should be able to see the fare table in the resfc w/ AirportID = -nnnn

3) Create a service area grid that will be used to select the service area.
4) Create a service area grid that will be used to maintain the service
areas, Use RecordAdd and Record edit hotkeys.
5) Add a least two service areas.  A default one w/FareGroup equal to -1
and another one with the FareGroup equal to the imported fare table from
#2 (-nnnn).
6) Create an Agent Special Hotkey for launching the Service Area select
dialog.  This is generally the same as the Landmark hockey except the
HotKey group is ‘ServiceAreaSel".  Specify the grid created in #3 as the
parameter string.

7) Change to Fare and Availability II (Advanced Features/System Profiles/Reservation Fare and Availability Dialog Type=With Address Details

8) F11 and restart the Agent.  When you go into the New Fare and
Availability dialog, you will see a new menu item ‘Set Service Area’.
This indicates that step #6 was completed successfully.
9) Press the ‘Set Service Area’ menu.  This should display a selection
grid to select the specific service area.  Select the desired service area
and the fares should update to show the new fare table.

1.  Configuration in Advanced Features/ Reservations/Auto Launch service area selector on new reservations.  This sets the service area to autolaunch.

SAAUTOLAUNCH=1 In a hotkey indicates to autolaunch the service area (overrides the reservation option)
3.  SA=<service area> In a hotkey indicates the default service area to use (overrides the value store in the user configuration)
4.  SERVICEAREA=<service area> In a hotkey indicates the default service area to use (same as SA=)