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View Setting and Changing Hourly Rates

Category:HWeb Agent

Setting and Changing Hourly Rates

Setting and Changing Hourly Rates


It is very easy to change the hourly rate for each service type in your local reservation system. It is also possible to maintain multiple hourly confiigurations for each service type, changing the default rate according to the day of the week.

Setting the Hourly Rate
From within Any of the HWeb applications, go to Tools Configuration Fare & Services .
Locate and click on the Services tab. Find the service you wish to configure and click on it to highlight the row in yellow.  Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to scroll to the right and locate the following columns:

Hourly Allowed?

Place a check mark in the box in this column if you wish to allow or enable this service type on an hourly basis.  If the box is not checked, this service type will not be displayed as an option when entering a reservation where the direction is set to Hourly.

Hourly rate ($)

The amount charged for 60 minutes of usage for this vehicle/service type. Can be entered as whole dollar amounts (ex: 55) or as incomplete dollar values (ex: 65.50).  The use of a "$" is not needed.

Hourly rounding

When hourly service is ended, do you add any additional time (rounding) to the charter? If you enter:
0   =  no rounding - no time is added
15 = 15 minute (quarter hour) rounding.  Times are rounded to next quarter hour
30 = 30 minute (half hour) rounding. Times are rounded to next half hour increment.
60 = 60 minute (hour) rounding. Times are rounded to next full (whole) hour increment.

  While these are the most common, other values may be used.

Hourly minimum

Minimum number of hours required for this service.  Typical values are from 2-4.  When this service type is selected, this is the minimum amount of time that the vehicle will be released for.

Hourly minimum rate

When the vehicle is reserved on an hourly basis, this is the minimum total fare that will be charged.  Example:  regardless of the number of minimum hours and the hourly rate charged, you may set this to $300, and all hourly reservations for this vehicle/service type will be at least $300.

Multiple Hourly Rates for a Single Vehicle or Service Type

The settings outlined above are only modified slightly to accomodate a vehicle which may have different hourly rates depending on the day of the week.  Lets look at the following example:

A Six Passenger Stretch Limousine is available:
M-TH:  $50/hr
F & Sat:  $65/hr
Sunday:    $60/hr
Additionally, the hourly minimum rate charged for this vehicle:
M-TH:  $150 (3 hrs)
F & Sat: $325 (5 hrs)
Sunday:  $240 (4 hrs)

Setting the configuration for this example would look like this:
Hourly Rate($) column:  50;F:65;SA:65;SU:60
Hourly Minimum Rate column:    150;F:325;SA:325;SU:240

Additionally, it is possible to specify a special hourly rate override for a range of dates. To Set the hourly rate from the default $50 to a special $40, for the first week of January, enter the following command:

After entering your values in the appropriate fields, Click Apply and OK to save changes.  Once back at the main screen, press F11 key to reload the configuration changes. Try a test reservation with your new (multiple) hourly rate structure.