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Category:HWeb Agent

Special Edit Mode

Within HWeb Agent, there exists a setting that allows a user to overide rules and system configuration settings. This setting is called Special Edit Mode and should be used sparingly and with caution as it will allow the user to "break the rules" that have been established in your system.

Examples of when Special Edit Mode may be needed:

  • A client has a family emergency and needs to cancel a reservation (without penalty) with less than an hour notice but your configuration requires a 3 hour minimum notice.
  • A client wishes to place a reservation for service one year in advance, but your configuration only allows reservations up to six months in advance
  • A specific service is not available after midnight, but you have a need to make a special reservation at 01:00 AM.
  • You need to enter a reservation for a date that occurred in the past but your system will only allow current and future dates to be entered.
These are but a few examples of how Special Edit Mode may be used to override system settings.

Before Special Edit Mode may be used, this privelege must be enabled by your system administrator inHWeb User Access:  Go to Tools - Configuration - User Access.  Select the user to be modified. Click Edit - Priveleges. From the list of user priveleges locate the row containing the description: Res edit: can use special edit mode. Place a check mark in the box next to this description and click OK, OK and Exit. The next time this user logs into HWeb Agent, the Special Edit Mode option will be enabled.

To Use Special Edit Mode:
  1. Open HWeb Agent with the authorized login
  2. Click OPTIONS on the menu bar
  3. Select Special Edit Mode (if greayed out, the User Access Privelege has not been enabled)
  4. To confirm the change, click OPTIONS again - a check mark should now appear next to Special Edit Mode.
To turn Special Edit Mode Off:
  1. Click OPTIONS on the menu bar
  2. Click Special Edit Mode
  3. To confirm the change, click OPTIONS again - the check mark next to Special Edit Mode should be gone.

Using Special Edit Mode as a "Manager Override"

If you are concerned about staff having the Special Edit Mode enabled for their login, and prefer to enable supervisors only to perform this function, then you may also use Special Edit Mode as a Manager Override feature…

  1. Remove the Special Edit Mode from all users** (SEE BELOW)
  2. Build a new, generic user (perhaps call it "SPEDIT" or similar) and assign it a unique password. For this user account, enable the following priveleges: Allowed to use HWeb Agent; Res Edit: Can use special edit mode.
When a reservations or booking agent encounter a situation that requires Special Edit Mode, they call a Supervisor to their workstation. The Supervisor selects Special Edit Mode from the Options menu at the top. They will be prompted for the Username and Password (SPEDIT above). Special Edit Mode will now be enabled and allow the change to be made. Once the current reservation is completed and saved, the user level access, and appropriate priveleges automatically revert back to the original reservations and booking agent who was logged into the workstation (Special Edit Mode is disabled).

To maintain the highest security settings, the SPEDIT user password can be changed periodically.

If you have more questions regarding the use of Special Edit Mode, please contact Hudson Technical Support.

**If you have a lot of users and need to see which of them has Special Edit Mode enabled:
  1. Open HWeb Admin
  2. Select Reports - User Priveleges - User Priveleges by Privelege
  3. In the Privelege field: "Res edit: can use special edit mode"

This report will show all users that currently have this privelege set to Yes (enabled).