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View Standing Order Management

Category:File Layouts
Category:HWeb Agent

Standing Order Management

A standing order is a reservation for pickup that will occur multiple times. This reservation may occur once a month, twice a week, or everyday. There are no limits to the possibilities.

Creating standing order records

Step 1.) The first step to create a standing order reservation is to make a normal reservation, but before saving the reservation the status will be changed. To change the status select the Reservation details page, change the status box from normal to standard template and then save the reservation. This reservation is called the ‘master’ or ‘parent’ reservation. The ‘parent’ reservation does not get routed, instead its ‘child’ does. The ‘child’ reservations are created via a process, which will be described later.


Step 2.) The second step to create a standing order reservation is to set its frequency. To establish a frequency for a standing order, open the HWeb Agent select the tools menu, a series of items will be displayed, select the configuration menu, then Application Configuration.  Then select Fares & Scheduling from the left hand menu.  The standing orders configuration tool will now open. This tool consists of two columns; Standing order list and Standing order detail. The standing order list displays all established standing orders and their frequency in a summary format. The standing order detail displays the information from the standing order list in a more detailed display. To start a new standing order, press the new button (blank page) in the standing order list column. Now locate your previously created standing order reservation by pressing the search button (three dots …) located in the standing order detail column. Once the desired standing order reservation is located press ok. You may now enter a description for the standing order, if no description is entered the Name field from the reservation will used. You may now select an optional start and end date for the standing order. Next is setting the frequency of the standing order. Press the new button (blank page) located to the right of the frequency label. A new frequency will be created with the default Type: Include and default Target: Monday. If a date is required, simply change the Target to date and then enter the date in the field labeled date in the format of MM/DD/YY. When you are finished press the Save changes to db button to save your changes in the StandingOrders table. You may also press Update while making changes, however no changes will be saved until the Save changes to db button has been pressed. You will know which buttons need to be pressed by the blue star indicator.
Running standing orders for dispatcher use

To run/create a standing order for use by the dispatcher, open your HWeb Administrator. Select General Functions, then Standing orders, Create daily. Select the date for the standing orders, and then press Execute. All applicable standing orders for the date chosen will be created.


The following privileges are required to generate standing orders:
1.) General: Line Run and Standing Order Generation
2.) Allowed to use HWeb Admin
3.) General: Line Run and Standing Order Management (only required for editing/deleting)