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View Status Definitions

Category:File Layouts
Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Status Definitions

To be used with the HWeb Dispatcher’s LIKE filter within a grid and Value Translation within the grid layout special column field. Value translation data format is: #value;new display|

Note: Terms in parentheses are the field names within the grids.

Operation status (Operation)

A ARM reservation

B Trip billing

C Canceled

N Normal reservation

M Multi segment

O Updated after routed or complete

S Standard template

Q Quote

X Not confirmed


Direction (Direction)

A Arrival (from the airport)

D Departures (to the airport)

P Point to point

H Hourly

C Charter

T Transfer

U Unknown


Reservation status (TripStatus)

N New reservation, waiting to be routed

M Multi segment

R Routed waiting for dispatch

S Routed2

T Routed3

D Dispatched waiting for trip completion

E Dispatched2

F Dispatched3

O Rider is on board the vehicle

P Onboard 2

Q Onboard 3

A Rider is Soon to Go

B Rider is Routed and Soon to GO

X Rider is ready to go (quick res)

Y Rider is ready to go (and routed on trip)

Z1 Trip complete, rider dropped off

Z2 Rider did not show

Z3 Rider canceled trip

Z4 Rider was ready, probably picked up by competitor

Z5 Accounting Complete


Airport pickup details (PickupExtras)

N No airport pickup details

W Will call on arrival

S Meet option 1

S2 Meet option 2

S3 Meet option 3

S4 Meet option 4


Trip status (Status)

N New trip, waiting to be started

D Trip started (dead heading)

A Trip started (airport sweep)

  1. inDropoffFareCode = 0
  2. inDefaultName = 1
  3. inDefaultSrvType = 2
  4. inDefaultTripStatus = 3
  5. inCalcFare = 4
  6. inSrvEx0 = 5
  7. inSrvEx1 = 6
  8. inSrvEx2 = 7
  9. inSrvEx3 = 8
  10. ‘inMinutesToClear = 9
  11. MaxParams = 9
  12. ParmSep = “^”
  13. S Trip started (normal run)

I Trip in route (all aboard)

H Trip Holding (holding trip)

Z Trip complete

C Trip canceled


Vehicle status (VehicleStatus)

0 Out of service (long term)

1 Out of service (short term, repair)

2 Available (not assigned to a driver)

3 Available (assigned to a driver)

4 Active

5 Holding (at airport)

6 Dead head (location unknown)

7 Airport sweep


Confirmation with types (ConfirmedWith)

N No confirmation

1 Passenger called

2 Someone other than the passenger called

3 Secretary or assistant called

4 Called, confirmed with passenger

5 Called, confirmed with someone other than passenger

6 Called, confirmed with secretary or assistant

7 Called, confirmed with hotel

M Called, left message

X Called, no answer


Driver status (DriverStatus)

0 Not available (long term)

1 Not available

2 Available (signed in, not driving)

3 Active (currently driving)


Flight types (FlightType)

D Domestic

I International

R Customer request

O Other (user definable)

U Unknown


Location types (PickupType/DropOffType)

A Airport

C Corporation

H Hotel

P Home or office

O Other

S School

U Unknown


Standard Marketing codes (MarketingCode)

N No marketing code

C Charter

F Funeral

G Group

H Hotel

P Prom

S School

W Wedding

1 General code 1

2 General code 2


Payment types (PaymentType)

0 Cash

1 Credit card

2 Other

3 Direct billing

4 Round trip

5 Check

6 Voucher

7 Credit card (alt) (no CC number required)

G Group (individual profiles only)

N Not specified

U Unknown


Payment status (PaymentStatus)

0 Collected cash

1 Collected credit card

2 Collected other

3 Customer invoiced (direct bill)

4 Collected as part of round trip

5 Collected check

6 Collected voucher

N Not paid (default value)

U Unknown


Rider Status (Rider Type)

N Normal (Default)

Q Quick reservation

C Crew


E Employee

T Test


S Service Plus
1 Misc1

2 Misc2

3 Misc3

4 Misc4

5 Misc5

6 Misc6

7 Misc7

8 Misc8

9 Misc9

U Unknown


Invoice Status (These are SQL Database Values and may not be available in GDF files)

N Pending

V Voided

P Posted