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View Tabbed Grids on a Desktop

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Tabbed Grids on a Desktop

Adding TABS to Dispatcher Screens

To maximize the "real-estate" of a HWeb Dispatcher desktop, it is possible to superimpose several grids upon one another and simply click or select a colored Tab in order to bring a specific grid to the top and into focus.

HWeb Dispatcher 1.89a  and  Database Level 131 or higher.  As of the date of this article you may have a maximum of 4 grids and tabs superimposed.  Adding additional grids will not result in additional tabs being displayed.

  1. Build, name and save the first or primary grid to be referenced and save to a new or existing Dispatcher Desktop folder.
  2. Build, name and save, secondary, tertiary or quaternary grids to be displayed.  The grids should occupy the same horizontal and vertical space within the Dispatcher desktop, BUT MUST BE SAVED TO A DIFFERENT FOLDER in the HWeb Templates directory, than the first grid was saved to. 
  3. For  each grid, open Grid Properties and select "Restore Form size and position on load." This should effectively result in the grids being superimposed when opening the Desktop. 
  4. Open Grid Properties on your first/primary grid and locate the tab labeled "ADVANCED 2"
  5. In the Form Type field, select from the drop down list:
    • Multiple Grids with Tab
  6. In the Multigrid Configuration window:
  • Set the Caption to appear on the first, second, third and fourth tabs.
  • In the BC column, double click to set the Background Color for the tab, and grid perimeter border
  • In the File name column, double click and then browse to the path, Desktop Folder / and grid to be opened.  ex: \\ServerName\Hudson\HWeb\Templates\DispatchDesktop1\AllReservations.gdf
  • Repeat the process for remaining grids, specifying caption, Color and file name for each one.

Save the Changes.
Close and then reopen the desktop.

If configured properly, your tabs will now be displayed at the bottom of your primary grid.

To change or modify the font of the Tab text labels:
Right click a grid column header
Select Grid Properties
Select the Colors & Font Tab
Locate and set:   Tab Font